Our Teams


  • Koen Fagan

    Koen Fagan Throws: Right Bats: Right
  • Knox McLean

    Knox McLean Throws: Right Bats: Right
  • Ryan Howell

    Ryan Howell Throws: Right Bats: Right
  • Will Corum

    Will Corum was born in Nashville, although he likes to call Kentucky home. When not playing for the Avalanche, Will enjoys being outdoors and harassing his 2 […]
  • Chase Glatzer

    Chase Glatzer was born in Phoenix, AZ and spent the first 3 years of his life there full time. While he consider’s Brentwood home these days, […]
  • Hayden Cook

    Hayden Cook Throws: Right Bats: Right
  • Dylan Woodard

    Dylan Woodard Throws: Right Bats: Right
  • Trey Dorris

    Trey Dorris is the oldest sibling of 3. He is the trailblazer in the Dorris family. While Trey loves baseball and playing for the Avalanche, he […]
  • Nick Butler

    Nick Butler
  • Jack Word

    Jack Word Throws: Right Bats: Right
  • Clayton Merrill

    Clayton Merrill Throws: Right Bats: Right
  • Drew Bauchiero

    Drew Bauchiero Throws: Right Bats: Right


  • Crews Kelley

    Crews Kelley Throws: Right Bats: Right
  • Cannon Kiser

    Cannon Kiser is only 8 years old, but plays on the 9U Avalanche. He is what baseball people refer to as a 5-tool player. In other […]
  • Jude Roberts

    Jude Roberts brings his experience and discipline to the 9U Avalanche. He can do almost anything asked of him including pitching in tough spots. His composure […]
  • Blaine Jones

    Blaine Jones is the newest member to the 9U Avalanche. While Blaine may be new, he settled into his position at 3B almost instantly. His teammates […]
  • Bo Holloway

    Bo, also referred to as “The Big Unit” leads the way for the 9U Avalanche. He is a dynamic pitcher that combines velocity with the ability […]
  • Luke Fowler

    Luke Fowler is the youngest of 3. He may be the most coachable kid alive when taking information and transforming it into action. He hustles, has […]
  • Daniel Jasper

    Daniel Jasper is the epitome of what it means to be on the Avalanche. This kid works hard, is very coachable and shows great instinct for the […]
  • Hudson Casey

    Hudson Casey joined the Avalanche in the fall of 2016. He is currently on the 9U team and is a big reason we are excited about […]
  • Tanner Dorris

    Tanner Dorris is legacy when it comes to Avalanche baseball. His older brother Trey was one of the original Avalanche players and currently plays for the […]
  • Watts Corum

    Watts Corum is one of the many legacies on the Avalanche. His brother paved the way for introducing Watts to Avalanche baseball. Watts is all about […]


  • Reid Houston

    Reid Houston joined the Avalanche this season. He is passionate about baseball and constantly strives to get better. Reid is known for his quick hands and […]
  • Ross Hendrix

    Ross Hendrix has been playing sports since he was born. He loves baseball, but also plays competitive soccer. Both of Ross’s parents are graduates of Ole […]
  • Carson Glatzer

    Carson Glatzer has the good fortune of following in his older brothers foot steps. Both he and his brother play for the Avalanche and compete against […]
  • Jones Merrill

    Jones Merrill is the youngest of 4 boys and is lucky to have been around the Avalanche for years. He has an older brother that was […]
  • Bennett Smith

    Bennett Smith is the newest member of the Avalanche 8U team. In addition to travel baseball, he plays for Tennessee Soccer Club. When not playing sports […]
  • Collin Wernick

    Collin Wernick is a member of the inaugural Avalanche 8U team. He can easily be identified during a game as the kid with the biggest smile […]
  • David Spradlin

    David Spradlin was one of the first members of the Avalanche 8U team. He is the son of 8U Head coach Josh Spradlin and the grandson […]
  • Cade Ball

    Cade Ball joined the Avalanche in the fall of 2016 as part of the inaugural class for the 8U team. He is the middle of 3 […]
  • Avery Beakes

    Avery Beakes does it all. This little guy packs quite a punch and watching him play short stop is reminiscent of the early Ozzie days. He is […]
  • Evan Calhoun

    Evan Calhoun is in his first season with the Avalanche and he has turned heads with his power from the left side of the plate. I […]