About Avalanche Baseball

Avalanche baseball started in 2014 with a dad simply wanting to coach his son as they entered the real world of baseball, kid pitch.

What started out as a way to ensure our kids were getting more than the typical brand of “daddy ball” commonly found around recreation leagues has turned into the building of a brand, philosophy and some good baseball teams at different age divisions. The Avalanche was established to create a local team made up of kids and families that wanted to play at a higher level. Unlike most of the professional organizations found in travel ball clubs around the country, we really wanted to create the family environment. I have learned more than ever it isn’t just about the kids athleticism or baseball skills, it is the families. The families are what makes this work and are ultimately responsible in creating this brand.

Avalanche teams compete at all levels and win championships, but what truly makes this different is the environment we have created with the support of the community. Without the ongoing support and camaraderie that comes along with being together all spring and summer, we wouldn’t be able to give our kids the experiences they have come to love.

While the coaches are all more than qualified, we take it a step further by bringing in professional trainers during different times throughout the year. We don't just hire the local hitting professional or pitching instructor, we bring what I will call the "greatest youth baseball instructor" ever from Tampa, FL. He comes twice a year to train all teams in a camp style atmosphere. Churn on baseball teams happens to all teams across all leagues, but the Avalanche do not take the approach to turn over the "bottom" players year after year. We are proud of the tournaments we have won or placed in because our talent is home grown. If we win that is the icing on the cake, but the more important factor is that we are helping influence these kids into young men with character, sportsmanship and a competitive attitude.  

Check out the Avalanche Team Philosophy.